Whether you are new to southampton or have been here a while some times it can be nice to find a new place to shop or go for a drink. This map is here to serve that purpose. Many of the locations are used regularly by RockSoc for events or for our food shops and junk-food binges. The map is by no means a full breakdown of everything in southampton but we intend to add to it to have important locations marked out for everyone.

On top of all the great pubs in Southampton we also like to head out to Winchester and enjoy all the great pubs they have out there. The blue line shows our standard pub crawl route we like to take.

Bus stops
Pubs and clubs
Small shop
Fast Food

We had hoped to have a longer list of layers on the map so that you could really search for what you wanted without the map being over-loaded with locations but unfortunately without paying a subscription we are limited in that respect and in our choice of icons on the map.

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