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Subliminal is Rocksoc's own rock night, held frequently during term time in the Student Union's Bridge bar or Bar 2. It is a night of Rocksoc DJs playing the very best in Rock, Metal, Punk, Industrial and much more, with occasional special guest bands to party along to. Free entry and Union priced drinks make it a cheap night, and a great way to meet both new people or hang out with your mates. Since Rocksoc itself runs the event we are always there and it is a great opportunity to come and meet us all. Our DJs are extremely open to requests, and are not fixed so there is no repetitiveness in the music that gets played. We enjoy playing everything from popular to obscure so there is no telling what you might hear. Keep tuned to the Forums and Facebook to find out when Subliminals are taking place and all the details.


The Dungeon

A picture of the front of the dungeon

Known affectionately as "The Dinge" to many who frequent it, The Dungeon is a popular club for Rocksocers. It's the closest Rock Club to the University, and opens on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with occasional Thursdays. Wednesday nights are very cheap with £1 house doubles and all drinks on offer, with Cheese & Pop being played. While not Rocksoc's preferred style of music, many swing by to take advantage of the cheap drinks and friendly atmosphere. Fridays are currently running as an "Alternative and Rock" night, with DJs playing anything from Indie to Metal. Saturday is the busiest night at the Dungeon, with the heaviest music being played. Expect anything from Evanescence to Slayer and Combichrist on this night. Rocksoc's favourite night at the Dungeon. Drinks on Fridays and Saturdays tend to be fairly expensive, but the music makes it a fantastic night out none the less.

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Unit is a sleek, chic alternative club run by the Joiners. It is the trendy man's alternative club, and is a bit further away from Portswood than The Dungeon which means it is not frequented as often. The club is large, with 3 rooms with 3 different styles of music on any particular night. Drinks are generally averagely priced, verging on the expensive end for some drinks and the cheaper end for others. Rocksoc's usual attendance to Unit is on the Thursday night, where upstairs plays a mix of commercial metal, metalcore, hardcore and hard rock, while the downstairs plays a mix of emo, punk, ska, punk pop etc. Unit occasionally hosts live bands which can be great, especially since the entrance cost remains the same despite the bonus of the band playing. A ticket to a gig at the joiners comes with free entry to Unit, which can be a great way to end the night after a gig. Overall, Unit is a club which is undervisited by most Rocksocers, due to the distance away from the usual watering holes, but for those one off nights out it provides a fun experience that is well worth your money.

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The Cellar

The Cellar is placed in the heart of Southampton, making it quite a trek to get there and back. However, do not let this put you off! Nights at The Cellar are extremely varied and depending on the night you pick to visit your experience can change dramatically. Wednesday night is host to the DJ Hammy show, Southampton's longest running alternative night. With good drinks offers, and excellent DJing from DJ Hammy, this is an excellent night. The music is described as "anything alternative", which can and does result in Indie to Industrial to Death Metal in 20 minutes! Rocksoc has also been known to host it's own DJ nights in the downstairs room on this night for a very special night out. Other than the Wednesday night, the Soul Cellar hosts various open Mic nights, DnB/Dubstep nights, Soul and Funk nights, Reggae parties and much more! Drinks are quite expensive if not on offer, but the huge variety makes it easy to not care. Check the Soul Cellar website for details of what is happening on each night since this seems to change often.


The Hobbit

A picture of the Hobbit

The Hobbit is a brilliant pub. Fact. That about sums it up. It's a bit expensive for a student place but that doesn't stop the youth of Southampton turning up in their hundreds. The pub is actually quite small with some comfortable seating upstairs along with a pool table and a new fangled juke box. Downstairs is a second bar where there is free live music 4 or 5 nights a week including an open mic night. The beer garden is large enough to get lost in with loads of seating and several sheltered areas. The Hobbit also has a selection of 6 pint cocktails (all named after Lord of the Rings characters) which are a must try for first-time visitors. And if we haven't sold you yet, once every couple of months The Hobbit now hosts Industrial Fallout, Southampton's only Goth/Industrial night. Industrial Fallout is normally packed, and most people agree that it is an extremely enjoyable night out.

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The Stag's Head

The Student's Union Pub is, frankly, excellent. Cheap drinks, a selection of ales and lots of other drinks, plentiful and comfortable seating, and the ease of access make this popular among many. It is the standard starting point for most Rocksoc pubcrawls, but is rarely visited for extended stays. The pub can get very busy, especially during pub crawl seasons, so this might not always be the best place to plan a solid night of drinking, however it is excellent for a naughty pint between lectures or a place to pop in to after a long day's work. The Union's Safety Bus leaves from outside here, which allows you to get home for a very minimal cost (1 or 2 pounds) with the convenience of a taxi, which is great if you have had a few too many and don't fancy the walk home.

The Shooting Star

The Shooting Star is positioned right next to the Dungeon. Many in Rocksoc view this as a sign from above telling them that it is a good idea to visit both of these establishments on any particular night. The Pub is spacious, with a good sized beer garden and a pool table indoors. The pub has a selection of pint cocktails similar to the ones at the Hobbit, although some of them are a bit off so be careful!

The Rockstone

A picture of the Rockstone

"The Rockstone, formerly the Bevois Castle, is not your typical city centre pub. Through a full renovation we have created a warm comfortable place to eat drink and relax, to transport you from the hustle and bustle of the city to a country pub full of conversation, hearty food and fine ales." This is how the Rockstone defines itself, and here at Rocksoc we are inclined to agree. The food is always mind-blowing, the staff are always helpful and up for a laugh (at your expense when you can't handle the quantity of portion or the volcano burger's hot sauce), and with a menu crammed full of cracking puns, your sides will ache for weeks after your unforgettable visit. You'll leave never want to go anywhere else again.