What Is RockSoc?

RockSoc is a social society of Southampton University's Student Union. Specifically it is a collection of like-minded individuals with a shared passion for alternative music.

What Shenanigans Do You Engage in?

Here at Rock Soc we aim to provide a friendly environment for anyone and everyone to share common interests, experiences, conversation and drinks (none of these are mandatory). RockSoc organises events for students on a regular basis that have been/are being or will be arranged by the committee (a small, suposedly organised, rag-tag group of smelly metal heads) who dedicate some of their personal time to help ensure that things continue to not be on fire and that events go ahead as planned. In the past these events have included RockSoc hosted gigs, pub crawls, going to gigs, pool tournaments, rock pub quizzes, house parties, guitar hero competitions, days out to the beach and 5:30am trips to McDonalds only to discover that the Breakfast menu has ruined everything.

Our current regular events are Dominon at the Hobbit, and Subliminal hosted at the Shooting Star. Both these events are held monthly on a Monday, Dominion on the 2nd Monday of each month and Subliminal on the 4th. The events are DJ nights where the DJ's are volenteers from the many peons that form the RockSoc masses.

How Many Of My ₤'s Do I Have To Part With?

NOTHING! The society does not charge a membership fee, you do not need to pass a test and you don't even need to be a current student at the university.

Where Do I Sign Up?

All you need to do is sign up to our FaceBook group and then come to our events.

What Else Can I Get Up To?

RockSoc is not just about formal events, most of our members become friends and organise their own entertainment through the facebook group. It's also a great place to find out about local gigs and get a group to go with. You'll often find people looking to go for a quiet drink who would welcome a new face to come join the conversations, or maybe a group looking to forget that throwing-up in taxi's is frowned upon in a ritualistic post-exam hunt for booze. Looking for a bite to eat? Someone will give you advice. Want help choosing a new laptop or set of ramekins? Someone will have some advice.

To keep updated all the latest events, we advise all of our members to sign up to our FaceBook group, and drop our FaceBook Page a like. For more information email us at rocksoc@soton.ac.uk.

Everyone is welcome at any of our events so feel free to come along and say hello.